BC Coast #3


Okay, my fellow fish-heads, here’s the report: Mind blowing. No other way to describe it, especially for the kids and me, with our concept of “normal” calibrated to 21st Century Puget Sound. Our British Columbian friends didn’t bat an eye when had back-to-back-to-back doubles on coho salmon in the mid- to high teens. The kids fought fish until I heard Skyla say something I never imagined coming from our resident superpredator’s mouth: “Dad, I can’t fight anymore fish…I’m just going to help bleed and clean the ones we have.”


The Chinook run was pretty much over for the season, but we still managed to find a few nice kings. Skyla was distracted from fighting this king by the sight of humpback whales feeding just off the stern. Thankfully, she still boated her fish, as it provided several mouth-watering, fat-dripping dinners.


We eventually ended up landing all five species of Pacific salmon: Chinook, coho, sockeye, chum and pink. That’s Skyla and Gerald with the brightest chum I’ve ever seen.


Here’s Weston taking a break from the action for a boat-driving lesson from Gerald.


One evening, while the adults were bustling around the boat making dinner, Weston asked if he could fish off the back. We were anchored in a shallow, mud-bottomed bay, so I told him he could, but that he probably wouldn’t catch anything. Maybe a bullhead or a small flounder. He said that was fine. So he spooled a little jig to the bottom 30-feet below the boat, and I went back to dinner. Suddenly, he said “Dad, I have something on…” I told him he probably snagged  the bottom and that I’d help as soon as I finished what I was doing. Then I heard line peeling off his reel. “Bottom” turned out to be a 25-pound halibut. Weston, hero for the day. Not surprisingly, we all decided to get serious about halibut fishing–that’s Weston with a couple from the next morning. Awesome.


One Comment on “BC Coast #3”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    This is a trip that Skyla and Weston will remember forever. Awesome!

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