Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch


As we adjust back to the relative austerity of our home waters, I will attempt to catch back up with life in Puget Sound, circa 2014. When we left British Columbia, I said something like, “Nah, we don’t need to haul any fish home, king salmon season is just starting around the Island. We’ll stock up quickly.” Upon our return, we made two quick trips in search of kings and stocked up on…well, this beautiful sunrise. Then, the state closed the king fishery down early due to the quota being filled, and there you have it: No kings for us.

First time since we moved here that we haven’t harvested any local king salmon. I’m now staring at a sadly empty smoker, fridge and freezer. The new vac-sealer I bought for king season sits in its box unopened. And I dream of all those fat, delicious fish we left up in BC.

Missing our local harvest is a small price to pay, really, for the experience of a lifetime. And the fish we boated in BC went to good use with Bruce, Steve, Gerald and their families. Still, a few chunks of that halibut and salmon in the freezer would be pretty nice. Good thing we aren’t a real subsistence family or I’d be in a panic. Now we just have to make the best of other options. We’ll haul out the crab pots and hope for a great run of ocean silvers. And in the mean time, I think I’m going to have to travel a bit farther afield in search of king salmon.

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