Local Bounty


As we readjust to 21st century Puget Sound, we are happy to find some abundance here at home. It’s been a fantastic crab season (we soaked some pots while going on our “Island Circumnavigation” adventure), and the rain a couple weeks ago brought up some early chanterelles. This convergence of species called for some kind of combination dinner.


Here are the ingredients. I think this is the first time, at least for us, we’ve had the crustaceans and fungi at the same time. And as I thought about it, a simple mixture of the two seemed to make more and more sense.


At Weston’s request, I had already bought some halibut for a panko fish fry, a reminder of his great halibut catch up north. Some Lundberg brown & wild mixed with regular Japanese rice and  fresh bush beans rounded out the meal. But back to the crab and chanterelles–we sauteed crab meat and mushrooms with a little garlic and butter. Delicious combo. Some ate it as intended, as a topping for the halibut “katsu,” but I wanted to eat it all by itself. Will definitely make this one again.

One Comment on “Local Bounty”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    Chanterelles and crab…yum.

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