Don’t Call It A Comeback


Staring at our empty freezer, smoker and fish fridge was doing little good. So in a last-ditch effort to make up for the “lost” harvesting time we spent in BC (lots of harvesting, nothing hauled home), and with our local king salmon season closed, I had to head to the Southwest Washington coast. In all reality, it was mostly just a good excuse to spend some time on the water with my great friend Sweeney, but stacking a few fish wouldn’t hurt, either.

We hit the jackpot. Absolutely crazy good fishing with hordes of nice silvers, a few fat hatchery kings, and very liberal local catch limits. Plus, calm seas, no crowds and good company, all on familiar waters…couldn’t ask for a better late-season harvest.  A great couple of days. And a huge relief to have a fish box stacked to the top.

And then, the reality of processing all that fish set in. But I’m stoked to do it. The first batch already came out of the smoker, more brining now, ikura (salmon caviar) curing and a couple of fresh salmon meals under our belts. Just warmed up the new vac-sealer, too. A lot of work, but so many great meals ahead. Did I mention the relief? Whew!


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