After School Snacks


As we make it through these first few weeks of school, it’s a tough adjustment: For the kids, whose carefree summer days are now ruled by alarm clocks, schedules and classwork; and for the parents, who now have to make sure the kids stay in synch with all of the above. Plus, I miss having Skyla and Weston around all day, and the option to go do whatever we want, whenever we want.

So I look forward to their return from school each afternoon. Mostly because I love hanging out with them, but also because it’s a perfect time to share our favorite snack. As I type, I’m less than an hour away from another round. La Panzanella rosemary crackers, cream cheese and cured salmon caviar, or ikura. The arrival of this year’s Honeycrisp apples came just in time, too. What a combo!

And it’s not just my kids that love ikura. So far, pretty much every friend they’ve brought over has asked for more after the first bite. And on that note, it’s almost time to go meet the kids. Better get the snacks ready…and you know, sample a few before they get home and eat it all.



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