Local Silvers


It may be a long way from the bounty of enormous coho and pristine scenery the kids and I experienced in BC this summer, but I had a fantastic morning with good friends Scott and Travis here on our local waters. Lots of bait on the surface, seals, sea lions, porpoises, birds…and plenty of fish. Good company, too. With everyone having their own boats, it’s not often we all fish together these days. Thanks, Scott, for organizing. It was a reminder of how much fun it is to fish with friends, and that I need to commit to making it happen more frequently.

Box was full early enough to clean the boat, grab an awesome Grub Hut burger and still make it home in time to watch the ‘Hawks game. Now that’s a good day! (Would have been perfect if only the ‘Hawks had come through…)

More importantly, it gives us the fixin’s for one of Skyla’s favorite ways to cook salmon: Whole fillets wrapped in foil with butter, crushed garlic, sea salt and dill. These smaller silvers are perfect for this prep. We’re already looking forward to dinner tomorrow night.

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