Fish When Possible


Nothing marks the urgency of the season like knowing our saltwater salmon fishing is winding down for the year. Add in the rapidly shortening days, a little rain, and some crisp, clear mornings and it’s impossible to ignore: Summer is over. Autumn is here.

With a few silvers still milling around the Sound, we’ve been on a real push to fish whenever we can. Of course, that’s complicated by all the other autumn activities–school, sports, work–ramping up the last few weeks. During a brief break between morning soccer game and afternoon birthday parties, Skyla and I ran out to fish the last of a mid-day incoming tide. Not enough time to launch the boat, so we stood on shore and Skyla chucked buzz bombs into the wind. I brought the fly rod, too, but was having so much fun watching Skyla fish, I never even rigged up.

It’s time to dive back into the regimented life of the school year now, but chanterelles are popping up on last week’s rain, there’s wood to stack, and I think I’m ready to get back to work on my book. And who knows, we’ll probably squeeze in a few more fishing sessions on the Sound, too. Gotta fish while you can.


One Comment on “Fish When Possible”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    You have a great fishing buddy!

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