Big Fun At Timberland Libraries


Just home from three great book events in 24 hours, at the Tumwater, Aberdeen and Belfair Timberland Libraries. That’s me in Tumwater with members of the Bushwick Book Club (photo courtesy of Dan Sweeney), who were commissioned to write songs “inspired by” Closer to the Ground. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this. It seemed ripe for corny interpretations of the stories, and just felt, well…weird.

Boy, was I wrong. I guess I just didn’t know who I was dealing with. These guys and gals are serious, professional musicians, and they wrote some gorgeous music, with clear respect for the book. Tunes I would like even if they had nothing to do with the book. And beyond the songs, it was fascinating to watch them demonstrate how they work, reading bits of the book, explaining how they thought of it in musical terms, then playing little riffs to show what they were talking about. Lots of rhythmic toe tapping and head nodding in the audience. Musical style? I would say somewhere along the lines of Cowboy Junkies, but a bit more organic and completely original.

Just having Closer to the Ground chosen for the Timberland Reads Together program was a huge honor on its own. But adding in the Bushwick crew really put it over the top. Heartfelt thank you to everyone involved! I hope to work with you again. One more event for Timberland: Saturday, October 4th at the Centralia Library, 2:30pm. The Bushwick Book Club will continue to tour and play at various Timberland libraries over the next several weeks. That’s Wes Weddell on guitar, Moe Provencher on electric mandolin(?), Aimee Zoe on drums and Geoff Larson on bass. Catch ’em if you can.



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