Scary Good


Well, this isn’t exactly foraged food, but we did dig around inside pumpkin guts to find ’em. And once brined and roasted to a crispy, golden brown, I couldn’t stop eating these things. Every time I walked past the kitchen, I had to grab a handful, and then another, and another. Nature’s version of Lay’s potato chips? You can’t eat just one.

It was very nostalgic, too, as each time I popped one in my mouth I had a little twinge of memory about the pumpkin seeds my parents used to make when I was a kid. For our current version, we soaked them in a mix of straight sea salt and water for a couple of days, tossed them with a bit of olive oil, and roasted the seeds until they started to brown on the edges. So good.

And, just for reference, here’s the source. The kids and I had big fun carving these up, but the seeds really made it all worthwhile. Unfortunately, both Skyla and Weston really liked the seeds, too. Now I need another excuse to forage up some more–perhaps pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving?



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