School Lunch


Weston came home from school the other day, saying he wished he could take smoked salmon for lunch. So I dug around in the freezer and came up with a pack of nice Willapa Bay coho we smoked and vac-sealed in September. Next morning, I stuffed a few chunks–along with a bit of cream cheese–into these little plastic boxes, added a bag of crackers and a honeycrisp apple and called it good. Both kids report it was “best school lunch ever.”

It felt great to have them want and enjoy the salmon we made. But then I realized we don’t have nearly enough. Normally I horde the smoked salmon packs and just break ’em out for special occasions or when we’re craving it at home. This is the first time withdrawals from our homemade food stash have included school lunches, and I’m completely unprepared. It won’t last long.

Guess we just eat until it’s gone, and remember that we have to fish more next season. I’m good with that.

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