Giving Thanks


In many ways, it’s been kind of a tough year for us. And yet, there is still so much to be thankful for. Good health, good family, good friends. Countless delicious meals shared with loved ones. Some big adventures. People in our lives who have been there with a generosity of spirit I can’t even begin to describe. A community of warm and thoughtful neighbors. Wild places near and far. The miracle of kids, salmon, weather, seasons.

This morning, as I walked along our road, there was a tiny flutter of wings in the salal. I stopped walking. A ruby-crowned kinglet hopped out of the brush and landed on a twig an arms-length from where I crouched. It cocked it’s head and looked me directly in the eye, then swung around the branch to hang upside down, searching for food.

I watched the little bird for a long time, then walked home filled with gratitude.


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