Eagle Harbor Saturday

Just a quick note that the kids and I will be working as honorary booksellers at Eagle Harbor Books this Saturday, November 29th. Our shift is from noon to 1:00pm. This is part of the Indies First promotion to encourage support of local, independent bookstores. (What, exactly, my presence there will do to encourage support remains to be seen.) But it’s a fun event, and fortunately, there will be lots of other writers–David Guterson, Jonathan Evison, Lance Weller among them–throughout the day as well.

I will be there pushing Closer to the Ground…er, I mean…suggesting good books from other authors for holiday gift giving, and will be happy to sign or inscribe books as well. Even the ones I didn’t write. Did I mention what a great gift Closer to the Ground makes? Skyla and Weston will be on hand to consult with parents or grandparents about books their kids or grandkids would enjoy.

Come on by, shop for gifts, buy something for yourself, or just say hi.


2 Comments on “Eagle Harbor Saturday”

  1. saracfry says:

    Dear Dylan,

    I’m writing a “book” of quotes and I would really like to include some of your words. This is the selection I would like to use:

    “As I sit here, lost in the woods, the gathering dusk reminds me that I need to find the trail home. A few more chanterelles to go with the deer steaks I traded for last week wouldn’t hurt, either. Now I’m pretty sure that cedar stump is the one that marks the mushroom bonanza we stumbled into last season. In which case, the trail lies just to the west. Or maybe it doesn’t. But it occurs to me that this is really what it’s all about: looking closely at the ground ahead, trying to find our place in the natural world.” – Dylan Tomine

    You are a beautiful writer! This quote flows eloquently among the other subject matter and I would be honored to display your words.

    More about the book that will display your piece:

    It’s an inspirational anthology of short tidbits reminding us why we do what we do. The book is directed at the outdoors enthusiast to elicit a sense of community among and within us. There’s subsections (categories if you will) within the book that have their own genre. For example, Mountains, Hiking, Freedom, Security, etc. Your words would affectionately be under the “Nature” category.

    I would love to be able to quote you!

    Thank you so much for your time!

    Sara Fry
    (559) 903-8087

    • dylantomine says:

      Hi Sara–
      Thank you for thinking of me for your book, and I’m honored you would even consider some of my words for it. If you don’t mind, I should probably check with the publisher and/or my agent to make sure it’s cool. I have no idea how permissions for such things work. I will send you an e-mail and we can figure it out. Thanks again. Hope you are well.



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