Raw Food Products


Tuesday dinners with Smarty are fast becoming one of my favorite traditions, and something I look forward to all week. It started as a combination excuse to hang out and a way of consuming the mass quantities of waterfowl that are unfortunate enough to come within range of Smarty’s 12 gauge. That’s Smarty’s hunting partner, Honey, posing with another pile of mallards that are waiting to be picked, cleaned and cooked in a hot oven for a very short time. These Eastern Washington corn-fed ducks are incredibly big and fat. And delicious. I doubt I will ever tire of eating ’em.


More recently, our menu has expanded. Ducks are still the mainstay, but now we’re supplementing with some other treats. That’s last week’s gorgeous, fat-laden Puget Sound winter blackmouth fillet above, salted, steaked and ready for the grill. It’s not quite Columbia spring Chinook, but nothing comes closer than this. Especially in December.


Finally, we have elk steaks, courtesy of my good friend Kate Taylor, who not only tipped the behemoth over, but delivered the goods to my house. Did I say “good friend?” I meant great. As in awesome. I marinated these slabs in olive oil, garlic and a bit of rosemary overnight. Hit ’em with kosher salt and cracked pepper, then two minutes a side on a raging barbecue and it was pure, melt-in-your-mouth heaven. I’m already looking forward to next Tuesday.

One Comment on “Raw Food Products”

  1. kalamityk8 says:

    Love the pics of meat pre cooking, so glad you threw Honey in there for the cute factor too! Well rounded protein diet right there….

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