Finally found the time to deal with the tree that took out our power and internet a couple weeks ago, which meant, time to put the kids to work. Of course, it had to be hemlock (crazy heavy when wet, not many BTUs when dry), but we’ll take it. And considering it was right in our front yard, which alleviates all the driving, loading and unloading we usually go through to gather firewood, not a bad score. That’s me with the 036 sliding through the small end of the tree like butter. Love that saw.


Is this how man invented–or discovered–the wheel? As noted above, green hemlock weighs a ton, so the easiest way to get it back to the wood storage area was to roll it. Perfect job for the shorter people in the family, as I’m a little too tall–or old, more likely–to get down and push these rounds. Good efficiency: the kids rolled ’em as I cut, so we finished up pretty quickly.


Okay, nobody call Child Protective Services…it’s not running, and Weston didn’t do any cutting. He was just hamming it up with my gear when the job was done. That old 36 is so heavy, he could barely lift it, anyway. Merry Christmas, everyone.

One Comment on “Windfall”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    Merry Xmas to a great Dad…and wood cutter!

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