A lousy picture of a great meal–if we do say so ourselves–the kids and I made last night. Weston had been asking for udon, but I couldn’t find a restaurant on this side of the Sound that serves it. I did, however, score a three-pound package of good, fresh udon noodles in the refrigerated section of our local market. Then it was an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink exercise in broth making: smoky, dried bonito flakes, liquid from rehydrating dried shiitake and matsutake mushrooms, a little white miso paste, and chicken stock. Massive umami and aromatic vapors.


We also added napa cabbage for its beautiful contribution to the broth flavor, and bok choy for texture and because, well…it just seemed like we needed more vegetables. That’s Weston prepping veggies in another lousy low-light photo. Meanwhile, Skyla and I breaded and fried the chicken katsu to go on top. A fun–and tasty–project for a chilly January night.

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