Mood-Altering Mushrooms


Not those kind! In an effort to shake off our post-Superbowl doldrums (I know it’s just a game…but still, this one hurt) Weston and I took a little walk up the road yesterday after school. We were complaining about this and that, lamenting lousy calls, and thinking about how close we had come to the excitement of last year. Then Weston spotted this little patch of coral mushrooms and the mood lifted…now we were talking about snorkeling and tropical fish and warm water.

Some species of coral mushrooms are edible, but they can be difficult to identify. And others are poisonous. When I looked them up, I found that even the good ones can “sometimes have a laxative effect.” Something I can do without. So we decided to just enjoy them visually.

Funny, though, how something so small can shift perspectives. With our spirits lifted, we talked about how much fun we had watching the Seahawks this year, and hoped for even more next year. Yesterday, Weston didn’t even want to wear his favorite Kam Chancellor jersey to school. Today it was the first thing he put on. It’s just a game. And these are just mushrooms. But somehow, they both affect our our outlook.


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