Portland Redemption


On a more uplifting note: While the “Hatchery vs Wild” symposium disappointed, Portland food does not. So I, along with some Patagonia buddies and various other fish conservationists, drowned our sorrows in good eats. Did somebody say food trucks? I am always blown away by the variety and quality of grub found in the vaunted Portland food vehicles. Teriyaki? Falafel? Pad thai? Curry? Pizza? Chile Colorado? Kalua pig? Who could decide? I like to think of a row of food trucks as a kind of long, outdoor buffet table. Why choose just one?

That’s me, fighting off despair. Spam musubi, anyone? Nothing soothes frayed nerves–at least for me–like salt, sugar, fat and pork byproducts. It was a good start.

Finally, on the way out of town, McCoy and I stopped by another iconic Portland food source to grab a little Voodoo “for the kids.” And speaking of salt, sugar, fat and pork byproducts, did you know they make bacon maple bars? Let me repeat: Bacon. Maple. Bar. As in slices of crispy bacon on top of maple frosting on top of chewy fried dough. But really, it was just for the kids…


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