Elk: It’s What’s For Dinner


A real bonus to hanging out with the Oregon crew last week was that I drove down there with an empty cooler and came home with a full one. Full of elk, that is. Steaks, roasts, burger, sausage. Good to subsist on the kindness of others, in this case, Kate and Justin. And I wasted no time throwing together a little elk-steak dinner. Yum!

I think it was a pretty good trade. In exchange for the elk, I gave them…um…well, now that I think about it…pretty much nothing. My charming presence? So it was charity. Hey, I’m not proud. But I am stoked to have generous friends.

Just finished unpacking (and drying out all my gear) in time to reload for a quick little exploration up north. Will report back soon.

2 Comments on “Elk: It’s What’s For Dinner”

  1. Les Kish says:

    Consider yourself lucky. A cooler full of elk without the sore back!

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