Foraging Dim Sum


On our hunt for the wily pork buns, potstickers and shumai rumored to inhabit select regions of the Northwest, we were joined by the Bennett family–Josie, Marie and fellow fish guy, Brian–as we combed through the wilds of Seattle’s International District. Our quest led us to this secret “Location X” where we also scored the rare and delicious har-gow (shrimp dumplings) and some sticky rice, which was well hidden in dense leaves…

Sometimes you just have to get out of the woods and off The Rock, as Bainbridge Island is affectionately known, and go get some dim sum. Last weekend, the fast and decisive withdrawal of spraying permits for pesticides on coastal oyster beds seemed like reason enough to celebrate. So we stuffed ourselves with dim sum, visited with our friends, and enjoyed the beautiful weather as we strolled around the city. Well worth the effort.

Stay tuned…I think I’m going to have some cool stuff for you here shortly. And if it takes a little while, please be patient. Hope you are all well.


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