Portland Fish Talk Report


What an uplifting event we had at the Portland Patagonia store last week. I’m not sure how many people were there, but it was a full house and we took in eighty-five $10 donations for Native Fish Society. But more than that, it was gratifying to feel the interest growing around the whole hatchery issue, as people begin to understand what a biological and financial failure it’s been. We had spirited–yet respectful–dialog during the Q & A session, and it was good to talk with so many new people.

My good friend and fellow Patagonia ambassador, Dave McCoy, lent his considerable photography, video and social skills, helping to make the event all the better. That’s one of Dave’s shots above, of me swinging the hatchery hammer, and another below from a bit farther back.

Huge thanks to Patagonia and Native Fish Society for putting the whole evening together, and to Patagonia Provisions, Hot Lips Pizza, Ninkasi Brewing and Brew Dr. Kombucha for the great food and drinks. Perhaps the most gratifying part of the event was an announcement by the pro-hatchery organizations that they would be boycotting all the companies that participated. Which means we’re gaining some serious traction. Let’s show these companies that supporting fish conservation is good business.



2 Comments on “Portland Fish Talk Report”

  1. Mike Goff says:

    Was this talk recorded and available online?

    • dylantomine says:

      Hi Mike–
      The talk was recorded, but it isn’t available online as of now. Not sure what we’re going to do with the video yet, but hopefully something more interesting than just showing a guy standing there talking.

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