A Father’s Day Wish


What do I want for Father’s Day? Many things, really. But I will try to keep it simple. I would like my children to find a passion for something the way fishing consumed me and shaped my life. I would like to have the patience and time my own parents gave me in support of whatever those passions might be. But mostly, I wish for my kids to grow up in a world that’s at least as good as the one I had, if not better.

Yeah, that’s a big one. It would take some serious change. It would mean learning something from the Mt. Polley Mine catastrophe, the Kulluk running aground, BP’s gulf oil disaster. It would mean saying no to Pebble Mine, the Enbridge Pipeline, fracking, old-growth logging, genetically modified crops and open-water salmon farms. It would mean citizens forcing politicians to offer something more than lip service to stop global warming. It would mean tearing down useless dams and hatcheries that destroy wild fish populations. It would mean altering our way of life to reduce toxic runoff and suburban sprawl. All of this would require a sea change in how each of us thinks about our lives.

Is it too much to ask? On a personal level, it would mean learning and thinking about everything I use, buy or consume. It would mean committing time, money and energy–and fighting tooth and nail–to protect the natural world. The change would have to start with me. Am I wishing for a miracle? Perhaps. But the tide is turning. I can feel it. And I believe this is more than just wishful thinking for one, simple reason: I know I’m not alone in these wishes. So here’s to a world for our kids as good as the one we grew up in, if not better. Happy Father’s Day.

One Comment on “A Father’s Day Wish”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    Happy Father’s Day to a father who cares about parenting our world for the better. Thank you for all you do!

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