Democracy In Action


Last week, my friend Brendan Hill (that’s him above) opened the first legal, recreational cannabis shop on Bainbridge Island. The last group who tried this, shortly after marijuana was legalized by the voters in this state, were bombarded with civic outcry. Ultimately, they ended up not opening a shop, for various reasons, but the negativity surprised me. Our island voted to legalize pot by an overwhelming majority, but when it came time for it to actually happen in someone’s specific neighborhood, well…it ended up as one of the most blatant cases of NIMBYism I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so disappointed in my own neighbors.

So this is a breath of fresh air. Whether you smoke or not, the new shop, Paper & Leaf, should be celebrated. It’s a true case of democracy in action: The people voted, and now it exists. Very refreshing in a world where the results of most political decisions can be hard to detect for the voting public.

Better yet, Brendan, as a father of three and upstanding Bainbridge citizen, is committed to making Paper & Leaf a clean, safe, friendly environment, where the laws are strictly upheld, and safety is the top priority. The shop itself feels more modern-art museum than head shop, a great example of what this can be. Go check it out and support the result of what we voted for…I think you’ll find it an uplifting experience, even if you don’t sample the merchandise.


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