Pile Of Crab


To celebrate the 2015 crab season and the fact that Smarty was back in town for the week, we had a little gathering with a lot of crab. Big, meaty, hard-shelled Dungeness. Some teriyaki steak, rice and salad on the side, but it was really about the crab. Three of us sat at the table and cracked shells for several hours, resulting in more pure crab meat than I’ve ever seen in one place, and plenty of time to drink beer and chew the fat.

Mostly, it was just good to have Smarty on the Island and some time to hang out with him, Neal, Alex and Helene. Not to mention the yellow lab contingent of Honey and Johnny. It reminded me how much I miss our regular Tuesday dinners and all that goes with them. Smarty, you gotta move back home so we can keep it rolling. In the mean time, I think I’m crabbed out for the year.



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