…Look Out For That Tree!


I have been backing this boat down our driveway–around the nurse stump, tight-but-not-too-tight to the big fir, just outside the leaning madronas–and into it’s storage spot for eight years now. I am not good at it, but I’m careful, and by going very, very slow, it’s manageable. Somewhat amazingly, I have never touched a single object.

The other day, as the kids and I headed out for a casual, relaxing day of crabbing on the Sound, I plowed the starboard downrigger right into the madronas that lean over the driveway. Going forward. In broad daylight. Did I mention I was going forward? Completely blew up the downrigger swivel base and twisted the aluminum mounting bracket, pictured here, into a new shape. Awesome. And not exactly the relaxing day I had in mind.

It was, however, an opportunity to renew my faith in American business. Or at least one in particular. Next morning I sent an e-mail to the boat manufacturer, Duroboat, describing what had happened and asking if they could ship me a new bracket right away. By the next time I checked my mailbox, the owner of the company had already driven the part to UPS himself and shipped it, before even receiving payment or talking to me. That’s customer service! And an immediate blood-pressure reducer for me. Whew!


One Comment on “…Look Out For That Tree!”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    Bad news/ good news!

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