Birthday Pie Making


My mom came up to celebrate my birthday with us, and we wasted no time in putting her to work. First on the agenda: My favorite pie in the entire world.  Of course, it started with a picking session. I was concerned that the berries might be waterlogged or moldy after the hard rain we had Friday, but we went to our favorite cut-leaf blackberry patch and found them in perfect shape. (Cut-leaf berries are firmer than the ubiquitous Himalayas, so they hold their shape better for baking and and stand up to rain. They also have a more intense, complex flavor.)


Back at home, Weston learned the art of the perfect filling.


While Skyla absorbed the secrets of the perfect crust. Oh, that crust!


All three teamed up to put the pie together. Then we had to wait 40 minutes while it baked.


And voila! The greatest pie in the world. The crust: crisp, flaky and tender at the same time. The filling: tart and sweet. And with four helping hands, it was the fastest my mom ever made a pie. Meanwhile, I just kicked back, watched, learned and let my mouth water. What a birthday present. Thanks, Mom!

A brief commercial message: My mom’s pie recipe–it should really be called “The Greatest Pie In The World”–which she adapted from her mom’s recipe, will be included in the second edition of Closer to the Ground. Available in October.

2 Comments on “Birthday Pie Making”

  1. Les Kish says:

    Great looking pie, and happy b-day. Was vanilla ice cream involved?

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