King Salmon Harvest


Just home from what has become one of my favorite annual traditions–a late-summer grocery run to the southwest Washington coast with my good buddy Sweeney. This year it was especially pressing for me, as our local king season was cancelled and our freezer was running low. As you can see above, it was a success.


We fished with a big front moving in from the Pacific; the barometer dropping like a rock. This lowered expectations for fish, made for a gorgeous sky, and brought thousands of shearwaters–I mean a black line of birds from horizon to horizon–in to greet us. I think I took and posted almost the exact same photo last year, but the sight of these birds and their vast numbers never ceases to blow me away.


Mostly, though, I look forward to this trip for the time to hang out, fish, shoot the breeze and go on crazed, late-night searches for food in the middle of nowhere with Sweeney. That’s him looking nautical as he scouts the tide rips ahead.


Fishing wasn’t easy, but thankfully, with two days of getting after it, we managed to scrape up a nice box full of kings and a bonus silver as well. The weather felt strange after months and months of bluebird skies, but it was good to be out in it, in a beautiful place. Thanks for making the time, Sweeney. Much appreciated.

One Comment on “King Salmon Harvest”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    Nice fish. Nice beard!

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