A Girl And Her (Borrowed) Crab


While Weston was busy throwing sticks for Honey, Skyla and I checked out the life attached to the bottom of the dock. Ever since they were small, the kids have found endless fascination on docks wherever we go, and this one is no exception. Tube worms, anemones, barnacles, mussels, schools of perch…they’re all there to see. You just have to get down on your belly and peer underneath.

After a few minutes of this, Skyla rolled up her sleeve and shot her arm into the water. She came up with this kelp crab. Not really edible, but a prize, nonetheless. And while she was wishing we’d brought fishing rods (“I know we could catch those shiners, Dad…”) the crab was a pretty good catch-and-release substitute.

Hardly a big adventure, but when you’re as busy as we’ve been, these little outings close to home really make a difference. Fun.

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