Serious Wild Food


That’s a hoisin-roasted wild wigeon, with duck-fat French fries, courtesy of my dad. I mean the photo is courtesy of my dad, I wasn’t lucky enough to actually eat the meal. But from the picture alone, not to mention memories of all the meals he’s made for me during my life, I know it would be fantastic. The simple elegance here inspires, although I assure you most of our family-cooked wild food is several levels less beautiful.

But now, with my dad on his way to visit, I have razor clams and wild duck breasts thawing in the fridge for a little down-home “surf-n-sky” dinner. Will definitely have to step up my game, though, as nobody appreciates this kind of food or does it better than Pops. I might have to dig into the last of our spring Chinook stash, too. Or smoked summer king bellies. Or that elk roast from Kate that I’ve been saving…

Guess we’ll just wait until he arrives and ask what sounds good. In the mean time, though, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it all.

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