Surf-N-Sky Dinner


Well, it’s not my dad’s cooking–or his food photography–but it was a memorable meal. Thanks to the miracles of modern vac-sealing technology and the freezer, we were able to enjoy good, fresh-tasting food that was harvested at other times. Those are crispy, pan-fried razor clams on the left, with white-fronted goose and mallard breast marinated in olive oil, garlic and rosemary, then seared quickly in a hot pan, on the right. Brown and wild rice and some blanched sugar snap peas rounded it all out.

Of course, there’s been no razor clam season yet this year, due to high-levels of domoic acid on the coast–perhaps a result of the hot water “blob” off our coast. So these are from a dig the kids and I did with the Sweeney family last autumn. Almost a year old and still perfect!

The delicious white-fronted goose and mallard breasts are a gift from Smarty, shot several weeks back. Again, the vac-sealer and freezer did the trick.

I didn’t take a picture of the appetizer, but we started with ikura salmon caviar and smoked salmon–both from Willapa Bay in September–on rosemary crackers and cream cheese.

None of it as elegant as my dad’s work, but I think he was happy to have someone else do the cooking and to enjoy a taste of the Pacific Northwest. The kids and I were more than happy to provide it.

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