Pacific Northwest Impressionism


Just another beautiful day in paradise, as they say. The deluge here has gone on and on, to the point where even us dyed-in-the-wool wet-siders are craving a little relief. Wind and horizontal rain have forced me to cancel two crabbing trips in the last week. Today I’ve had calls from friends with water coming up through concrete-slab floors and septic systems backing up. The drains for the sunroof in my car backed up and filled the driver’s seat with about ten gallons of water, which caused a wet butt on the way to a meeting I was already late for, a string of four-letter words, and later…a feeling of gratitude when I compared my “flooding” to that of my friends.

With a slight shift in the jet stream, cold-and-wet has turned into warm-and-wet literally overnight. The Pineapple Express is now in full effect. Temps soared to 60 degrees this afternoon, and the cool air trapped in my office caused crazy condensation on the outside of my windows. This photo was taken from my desk–if you squint and use your imagination, perhaps you can see some impressionistic beauty in it. Or maybe, like me, you just see more rain…

So here’s to a little drying out. And to keeping fingers crossed that our home can weather the weather in the mean time. Good luck out there!


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