Killing And Dying: Great Book


After being completely blown away by this book, I was going to post a glowing review. But I figured people would notice the name of the author, connect the dots, and discount what I had to say on the basis of nepotism.

Then I was simply going to write about how proud I am of my brother, or for that matter, how proud I am to even be related to an artist of this genius. But I thought that being “proud of” someone might be read as patronizing, as if I had something to do with the achievement.

So I will just say this: Killing And Dying is a masterpiece of storytelling. I am not usually a fan of “graphic novels,” but this clearly supersedes the genre. These are stories of incredible depth and layered meanings, where the spare dialog rings true and the gorgeous, deceptively simple drawings capture emotions and thoughts unattainable through words alone. The result is a kind of storytelling that I have not experienced in any other medium, whether it be comics, prose literature, or film.

But don’t just take my word for it. The great AO Scott, Chief Film Critic at The New York Times, said it all better than I ever could. And as far as I know, he is not related to my brother. Click HERE for the review.

So, yes as a reader, I found this book to be a deep and affecting experience. As Adrian’s brother, I am incredibly proud of what he’s created. And as a writer, it’s both daunting and inspiring. Check it out. I think you’ll find it more than worthy of your time.

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