Serious Sledding


We had a little of the white stuff here–it didn’t stick–but we didn’t have to drive far to find the real deal. We met the Sweeneys up in the mountains to check out an incredible early-season snowpack. It was strange passing the places where we fished for trout in shirtsleeves last summer, now buried under feet of snow and ice.

Then we found this giant slag heap. That’s Skyla taking a break on the climb, and Weston (in green jacket with orange sled) busting it for the summit. Super steep, no rocks or trees, and a long, soft runout. Perfect.

Weston went first and near the bottom, he hit a little rise which resulted in the sled going airborne for at least 15 feet, with Weston, now fully separated from the sled, flying about 20. Upon landing, he disappeared into a huge plume of powder and emerged with a giant smile. Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s to a fantastic 2016!

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