Razor Clam Opener


Last week, as my good friend Sweeney and I were thinking about what to do on his birthday, the State announced a razor clam opener. Perfect timing. Our usual autumn/winter season has been on hold due to lingering domoic acid in the clams–a result of warm-water algae blooms. There actually was an opener on the last set of minus tides, but they fell on Christmas Eve and Christmas and we both had our hands full with family activities.

So this was our first real shot at razors since last spring. And I don’t know if it could have been any more spectacular. When we left Sweeney’s house, it was 36 degrees and socked in with fog. Thirty miles west and it was bluebird skies, no wind and 55 degrees. That’s Sweeney and our buddy Ron searching for razor necks in the wash, above.

Only problem with the whole day was that the clams were so abundant, and showing so well, we limited out in about 20 minutes. But that worked, too: we made it home in time to clean clams, eat dinner with the family, and hang out with a whole string of well-wishers coming by to raise a glass to Sweeney. Awesome day.


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