Well, we had to do something to work off all the Spam, rice and noodles. When we weren’t stuffing our faces, the kids and I spent most of our time in the water. At Hanalei, with a big swell coming in, Weston and I found a spot where it stood up and broke way out on the outer bar. It was probably double overhead for him, and a bit on the scary side, so we ditched the surfboard and paddled out with bodyboards. Weston discovered the waves were big enough that he could ride the first one and keep going in the foam over the deeper water, then ride right into a second wave on the inner bar, and grab yet another on the beach. That’s him above taking it all the way to the sand.


Skyla and I took stand-up paddle boards out on a long tour of a rocky beach, where we had an awesome time watching sea turtles feeding along the reef. Or at least she did–I was more concerned with not falling off whenever I slowed or stopped in the light chop. I think because the SUPs are so quiet, we were able to hover and watch the turtles up close without disturbing them. On the way back in, Skyla stopped to take cousin Nora for her first SUP ride. It was a little rough along the beach, so Skyla stayed on her knees to maintain balance, and I jumped in the water to take pictures, although my ulterior motive could have been to avoid falling off in front of everyone. Obviously, my SUP technique needs some work.


The kids also jumped in the water with mask and snorkel at every opportunity. Compared to Puget Sound, the amount and variety of brilliant, shallow-water life in Hawaii is mind boggling. We saw new species of fish almost everywhere we went. And then it was time for more Spam, rice and noodles, not to mention the occasional fried-chicken plate lunch. Now…back to the reality of late winter in the Pacific Northwest.


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