Dry-Side Weekend


My usual philosophy on three-day weekends is to stay home and avoid the masses, especially where driving is concerned. But the kids and I were invited to our friends’–the Williams family–remote, boat-access-only cabin on a lake in Eastern Washington. And the prospects of good company, desert air, and water proved too tempting to pass up. That’s Skyla and Regan spending some quality hang time in the hammock.


Yes, there was traffic. Yes, we spent a lot of time in the car. But it turns out, my philosophy was wrong–our time on the dry side of the state was completely worth it. The weather was gorgeous, the cabin comfortable, and food delicious. And the Williams’s were gracious and generous hosts. In short, we had a great time. That’s Weston and Carson battling it out on the chess board.


The beauty is that there wasn’t anything to do–we hung out, cooked, tended the fire and chewed the fat. Aside from an epic trip up the lake in 30 kt wind and waves, we pretty much just kicked back. After the hectic pace I’ve been on with work, hoops season and book tour, doing nothing was perfect. Of course, we did find time for a little fishing, and I was delighted to discover the west-slope cutthroats loved chasing a waking dry across the surface of the lake. Awesome. Huge thanks, Williams family!

2 Comments on “Dry-Side Weekend”

  1. sweenkins says:

    Dylan, Kathy Hopkins here (Sweeney’s sister). You have to tell me what remote lake you were on! Kathy


    • dylantomine says:

      Hi Kathy–
      Good to hear from you! And actually, it wasn’t a remote lake, just a remote cabin. The lake is the big one everyone goes to! Hope you are well. –Dylan

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