King Opener 2016


We almost bailed this year. Coming off of a big family visit, Skyla fighting a serious sinus infection, and with work piling up, all that goes into out annual king-salmon fishing and camping trip with the Sweeneys seemed too daunting. It would be so much easier to simply stay home and fish our local waters. But at the last minute, mostly at the urging of Sweeney’s younger daughter Laine, we decided tradition wins out and went for it. A twenty-hour whirlwind of shopping, packing and fishing-gear organizing ensued.

We hauled it all to our campground and found the boat ramp closed, which added yet another complication. But as we unpacked our gear and set up camp, I realized we were having fun. It felt great just being there. When the Sweeneys arrived, the uplift was complete.

5:00am came fast, but the kids woke up easily (wish I could say the same for their dad) and cheerfully, and we were on the water in time for the good tide. For the next two days, we fished hard, cooked and ate outside, played frisbee, read books and napped in the afternoon. We had a wonderful time. And now, looking back at our camping trip, I’m so happy we didn’t bail. It was more than worth it.


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