New Family Member


In the midst of salmon-season chaos, and on the theory that every dog needs a kid (in this case, two)…meet Halo, the newest addition to our family. In spite of adopting her at 3-years old, she’s already bonded with the kids on a deep level, refusing to sleep anywhere other than Weston’s room, and following the kids everywhere, even if just to another room or to take out the trash. She’s cheerful, easy going, enthusiastic, and the very definition of sweet. To take the anthropomorphism even a step further, I swear she’s optimistic about everything. Halo brings happiness and love, and we’re happy to accept and return it. It’s great to have her in the family.


One Comment on “New Family Member”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    omg, an unrestrained smile on Weston’s face!

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