Our Friend Smarty


One of the highlights of this summer–there were many–was our good friend Smarty being back on the Island for extended visits. Since work took him to the East Coast, we’ve missed him. This summer we were able to hang out on a little more regular basis, and the kids enjoyed it as much as I did. We fished the Sound and Willapa Bay, had some epic evenings chasing silvers on surface flies back in a little local harbor (it was like an East Coast mini-blitz, with bait flying, salmon crashing the surface and our flies) and filled our pots with Dungeness crabs.

Just as important, there were drop-by doggie playdates on the beach, a couple of big Tuesday night wild-food dinners, chewing the fat about fishing gear and smoked salmon recipes, and more than a few gluttonous sushi feeds. Hopefully enough to entice him to move back where he belongs. Hey Smarty–time to get back home, bud!

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