Halo Reviews A Classic


According to Halo, there’s nothing like spending a cool autumn day curled up with a good book–in this case, David James Duncan’s The River Why, which she’s re-reading for the first time in years. Halo reports she’s amazed at all the philosophical digressions and religious imagery, which she did not recall from the first time she read it. But then, that was back when she was just a pup, so it makes sense that all she remembers is the fishing and the main narrative of Gus and Eddy meeting and falling in love. Now that she’s all grown up, the deeper layers carry heavier meaning. In summary, though, Halo believes that all of Gus’s existential angst could have been relieved if only he’d had a Labrador retriever to keep him company.

2 Comments on “Halo Reviews A Classic”

  1. Cool glasses. Great narrative.

  2. rcharrington says:

    I think dog’s help us understand everything better, if we’re open to the help.

    And the explanation of the transition from life to death, from Gus little brother, may be the most hopeful treatise I’ve eve heard on what comes at the end.

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