Autumn Gold


Chanterelles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; some are 1/2 inch across the cap, while others are six inches; some are shaped like buttons, others grow into wild free-form shapes you’d expect to see on a coral reef. Every once in a while you find one so perfect and classic in shape, you have to snap a picture.


But they’re all delicious, and looking for them is a fun, easy activity we can do in limited windows of time. Monday, after school, we had a brief bit of dry weather, no sports practices, and very little homework, so the kids and I made a quick run to one of our local, public places before dark. Halo says “Leash laws are so insulting! We don’t need no stinking leashes.”


Of course, Mondays are the worst days to pick on the Island. Everybody goes on the weekend and new chanterelles haven’t come up yet. There were trails and flattened vegetation all through the usually dense woods. The remaining, unharvested chanterelles were few and far between, but we managed to scrape up a few good ones–enough for a meal or two–in the deepest darkest spots, and had a good time busting brush and breathing the clean, rain-swept air.

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