Giving Thanks


These days, it’s easy to make a list of negative things in the world (hard to resist starting with our new president’s list of candidates to fill his cabinet) but as attractive as that exercise is, I’m not going there today. Instead, on the eve of this holiday, I offer a list of gratitude:

To Skyla and Weston, who fill my days with light, and still want to fish with their Old Man; To my mom, dad, brother and extended family near and far; Old friends–from Bainbridge, Seattle, and Olympia to Rockaway Beach, Corvallis, Terrace, Ventura, the Rockies, the Outer Banks and beyond–who I love so much I can hardly believe we aren’t related by blood. To new friends and adventures ahead. To heroic First Nations fighting  to protect fish and water at Lelu Island, the Skeena, and Standing Rock. To a yellow lab named Halo who reminds us to find happiness every minute of every day. To cold, clean water and big, wild, chrome fish fresh from the sea.

I am thankful for health, happiness and good luck, for opportunities to work for the good of our planet, for the words of Jim Harrison, Tom McGuane and Brian Doyle, for the taste of spring Chinook and wild ducks, elk, deer, for time on the water and in the woods making memories with family and friends… It turns out, this list could go on much longer than the list of negatives that’s been floating through my mind these last few months, and for that, I am truly thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Peace.


One Comment on “Giving Thanks”

  1. I’m thankful to have a son with integrity, commitment and tenacity, working to protect this earth. I’m also thankful for any leftover Springers.

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