And Then, Reality Sets In


I put up a post about summer dreams and BOOM! This happens. Classic. We spent a lovely Superbowl Sunday at the Sweeney’s house in Olympia, one eye on the game and the other looking out the window as five inches of white stuff piled up. Of course, I was too busy eating all the delicious food to worry too much, but we drove home in a whiteout blizzard, and the usual hour-and-a-half drive took an hour longer. Then two days of no school here, many hours at the sled hill (where the kids built a jump and learned the meaning of “getting the wind knocked out of you”), dogs running in snow, snowball battles, snow cones, frozen fingers, a roaring woodstove, and the knowledge that no matter how much we dream of summer, it’s still winter. But we had so much fun, I can live with that.


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