Old School Activism

Sometimes the old internet just isn’t enough. And with the catastrophic failure of Cooke Aquaculture’s open-water net-pen salmon farm on Cypress Island “spilling” hundreds of thousands of invasive Atlantic salmon into the Sound, the kids and I wanted to make sure word is out about the upcoming protest.

Now is the time to strike, as they say, while the iron is hot. In response to the Cypress disaster, the State of Washington has enacted a temporary ban on new net-pen approvals, but we really need a permanent ban. One that stops Cooke from building their new facility off the mouth of the newly restored Elwha River. And one that also gets rid of existing net pens and all their associated chemicals, drugs, waste, pathogens and parasites that kill wild salmon and pollute the public resource.

Let’s gather off the south end of Bainbridge Island, where Cooke has another net-pen anchored to the Orchard Rocks State Marine Protected Area, on September 16th and make a real statement. (For details, click HERE) I think the media, the public and our state government are finally ready to tell Cooke they and their net pens are no longer welcome in the Salish Sea.


2 Comments on “Old School Activism”

  1. Good call Dylan. I am out of town the 16th, but I support your effort. Let me know how I can help.

    • dylantomine says:

      Hi Phil! Dang, wish you could make it. I think we’re close to critical mass required to push these a-holes out of the Sound. But if you can’t be there, best thing is to sign the petition at oursound-oursalmon.com, and consider donating to the campaign. Not sure if there’s a donation place on the site, or if you need to go to the sponsor groups site, which is wildfishconservancy.org.Thanks for the support! Hope you are all well.

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