Fish In Japan

I’ve been meaning to post this since we returned from Japan way back at the beginning of summer: In the midst of a fantastic, city-based jaunt through the ancestral homeland, I savored each opportunity to look at and eat fish of every kind. In fact, one of the things about Japan that makes a fish-obsessed person like me feel at home is the overall cultural importance of fish. But after days of exploring fish markets, seafood sections in grocery stores, fishing departments in sporting goods stores, and fish restaurants, I found myself yearning to get out in the country and actually go fishing.

My old friend, Hisashi Suzuki, who I met years ago while chasing native trout in the Japan Alps, came to the rescue. As luck would have it, our one completely unscheduled day happened to be  in Nagoya, where Hisashi runs a fly shop and guides. He generously made time to take the kids and me fishing, and provided expert guiding, boat, waders, rods and everything else we needed.

I was expecting that we’d drive to the mountains and fish small creeks for the tiny, jewel-like yamame (trout) and iwana (char) as we did when I’d last been there. Instead, we drove east to the Pacific Ocean, and spent a fun, completely absorbing day wading and sight-fishing for black bream on sand and eel-grass flats. It was the perfect contrast to our days in the crowded, chaotic cities (which us country folk love but aren’t used to) and a great time to introduce the kids to a good friend and new kind of fishing. What treat. Arigato gozaimashita, Hisashi!

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