A Deep Breath

After the uplift of the Lelu Island pole raising ceremony and feast, we drove back to Terrace the next day for our friend Bruce Hill’s memorial. It was a moving, heartfelt gathering for a man who had a profound impact on our planet and on hundreds of people he met along the way. So many memorable moments that night: Time with the Hill family and other good friends I don’t see enough, Ivan Thompson’s beautiful eulogy; Haisla elder Cecil Paul’s story of spreading Bruce’s ashes in Kitlope Lake; Bruce’s Haisla brother Gerald Amos, on the comeback trail from a devastating stroke, walking to the podium supported by his sons to say what Bruce meant to him; and Rachelle Van Zanten’s tear-streaked face as she ripped into My Country, her protest song of the North. (If you haven’t heard it, check out Rachelle’s video for the song HERE.)

I can’t remember when I’ve been on such an emotional roller coaster like those two days. So a little fresh, northern air was in order. With one day to fish, Rick Koe and I rolled east from Terrace and spent a day on the water. The river was rising and on its way out, but casting and swinging flies through runs with a good friend felt like the perfect way to wrap up my time in BC.

One Comment on “A Deep Breath”

  1. What a blessing to have had Bruce in your life.

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