Fun With Filmmaking

Man plans, Mother Nature laughs. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I will say it again. And it pretty much sums up our most recent shoot for the film I’ve been working on. The laughter, this time, came in the form of 30 kt winds and torrential downpour. That’s our director, Bones, on the left, and DP, August, on the right, as they wrestle with the very-expensive Red Dragon camera wrapped in the high-tech weatherproofing known as a Hefty bag. The humans are not laughing. Somewhat miraculously, during what added up to about 15 minutes of actual fishing time in a full-day shoot, we brought three shakers and one really nice blackmouth (feeder Chinook salmon) to the boat. Better to be lucky than good. Huge thanks to Matt McCulloch of Tyee Charters for driving a second camera boat in adverse conditions. Thankfully, we’ve all dried out and the camera appears to have survived. Onward!

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