Woke up a few days ago with itchy eyes, a sudden reminder of the shifting season. On the way to the mailbox, I looked up, and yep, catkins dangling from the alders. Bad news: I’m allergic to alders. Good news: The world is waking up. After months of cool, damp weather, a few torrential downpours, and a lot of darkness, the first signs of bouncing up into spring come as a surprise. The more I looked around, the more signs I noticed–daffodils rising in the neighbor’s yard, tiny green buds on the salmon berries’ crooked canes, a bit of remaining light in the sky at 5:30pm. And all those pollen-filled catkins, on alders and hazels, like the ones pictured above.

Sure, we’ll still have chilly days and months of rain ahead, but this is somehow uplifting. It means wild steelhead in the rivers, spring Chinook not far behind, daylight shellfish tides. And before we know it, we’ll shed these layers of puff insulation and go back to flip-flops and t-shirts. Here we go!


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