Sometimes You Just Gotta Fish

There were a hundred reasons not to go: lousy weather report, rivers too low and clear, a list of chores longer than my arm. My schedule the last few months has been a circus.  In addition to the usual work, a combination of the film project and kids’ sports seems to have taken over. Lots of conference calls, research, writing, and in between, driving to and from practices. On weekends, we’ve been at basketball games and volleyball tournaments. All super fun and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. But it does leave a fishermen jonesing for water time.

Wednesday night I had to blink and look at my calendar twice.  A one day gap between project deadlines and practices seemed to appear. Of course, the weather service was calling for heavy wind and rain, but at this point, I realized, I just need to go when I can go. So I grabbed my gear at dark-thirty in the morning and hit the road west. The Olympic Peninsula was calling.

Fished hard without even stopping to eat. Busted brush, hoofed it down mile-long gravel bars, stood waist deep in icy water, breathed sweet coastal air. And even found a couple of steelhead to grab my swinging flies. So good. Today, though physically exhausted and overwhelmed with work that piled up, somehow, I feel better. Refreshed. And stoked to go back out there again as soon as possible.

One Comment on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Fish”

  1. It’s a beautiful life you have! So much better than going to a gym to get refreshed.

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