Royal Wedding

In our very tiny Kingdom of Fish, a prince and princess were married this weekend. Driving down the lower Columbia on my way to the festivities, the weather came through in pounding white squalls, rain crashing into the windshield like bullets. Not the best sign for the outdoor beach wedding to come. When I arrived, I asked the bride if they had a Plan B in place. She said, quoting her royal sage, Alan, “I’m going to trust in the universe.” I had to turn away quickly so she wouldn’t see my eyes roll. A beach wedding in April on the Oregon coast. Ha!

It rained through the night. We woke to gray skies, chilly drizzle and wind sweeping across the beach. A big swell brought crashing waves and salty spindrift. I dug through my bags for goretex, fleece and puff. Walked the beach leaning into the wind and wishing I’d brought a beanie.

The wedding would start at 3:00pm. At 2:30, as the crowd gathered, the sky lightened. By 2:45, blue appeared overhead and sunlight streamed down, raising steam from the ground. And at the appointed time, with the royal court forming a circle on the beach, the prince and princess strolled onto the beach under blazing sunlight, not a breath of wind, and the dark clouds pushed to the east. Trust in the universe. A truly epic weekend of good friends, festivities and a groundswell of love. Late that night, as the party wound down, the weather returned with black sheets of rain and whistling wind. Trust in the universe. But bring the goretex and puff anyway. You know, just in case.


One Comment on “Royal Wedding”

  1. Thank you for this beautifully written fairy tale! Many blessings to the Prince and Princess.

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