Spot-Prawn Break

With both kids playing competitive sports and all the resulting travel, it’s been tough to squeeze in our usual outdoor pursuits. Skyla, on her way to another distant, all-weekend volleyball tournament sent me a text, which I received while driving Weston to his all-weekend basketball tournament, saying, “We need to go fishing soon, Dad.” That’s how it’s been this spring.

Saturday was the 4-hour Puget Sound spot prawn opener. Skyla couldn’t make it, but Weston and I wanted to go. Of course, we needed to be in a town an hour and a half away by early afternoon, and I wasn’t picking him up from his mom’s house until 9:30am. Tight squeeze.

Captain Smarty to the rescue. He picked us up off the beach at 10:00am, we jumped in and headed back to the shrimp grounds. We pulled four pots with full limits for us, cleaned the shrimp, and made it home in time to change out of saltwater gear and into basketball gear (Weston, not me) to hit the road just in time. That’s Weston warming up for basketball with a trophy spot prawn above, and John, Helene and Weston cleaning shrimp below. Now, after eating delicious, sweet prawns for four days straight, I think I’m sweating shrimp. But it was exactly what we needed. Thanks, Smarty!

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